They are an absolute highlight in our portfolio and an invention of our own, if we may humbly say so: Natural fibred coir and sisal rugs with an ecological felt backing, made from flax and jute.

Coir fabric combined with a natural felt backing.

Our innovative needling procedure allows us to combine coir or sisal fabric with the felt backing without the usage of synthetic materials of any kind. The result is astounding because the final rug or carpet does not suffer from this kind of manufacturing, but yet gains more wonderful attributes you might like.


Advantages of natural fibred rugs with felt backing:

  • Ecologically sound because it is made of 100% natural fibres
  • Regulating the rooms humidity and climate because of the wood like structured hollow fibres
  • No usage of filler, foam or latices
  • Tested for any pollutants
  • Higher durability compared to latex backings
  • Higher walking comfort and footfall sound insulation
  • Layable without fixture with a size up to 25qm
  • Compostable
  • Antibacterial, antistatic and of low flammability
  • Can be produced to any measure and form


Backing and coir fabric drawn apart. No chemicals or glue is used to combine these materials.